About Us

The origins of Mannarinu Ltd. go back almost half a century, to be exact the year 1950. In those post-war days, our late grandfather Manuel Cachia started a modest business selling ice-creams.

Years later our father Carmelo Borg took over the venture and entered also into the confectionery trade. This move immediately left a positive impact on the firm, and in a short time Mannarinu had established itself as one of the leading confectioners on the island. The business was eventually taken over by his children who kept up the tradition.

As a result, the need was recently felt to open a new outlet in Hamrun, in order to cater for a wider section of potential customers.

Our policy has always made us strive to ensure the entire satisfaction of our clients. We know from experience that a pleased client is an investment for the future as well as a valid promoter of our services. As a result we wish to welcome you in our family of friends.